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03.06.23 09:51 am This is sent from a nintendo wii lol oh cool
25.08.23 02:20 pm Wow this is dead :( yeah i know lol
01.05.23 03:39 pmfrsaed who is this im scared lol
01.05.23 03:35 pmsdfhjk ummm
08.04.23 04:14 amhow did you fix the argo tunne i didnt
06.04.23 07:04 pmAre you the greatest person on the world absolutely not
03.04.23 02:35 pmis water wet or dry well, its a long story
14.03.23 09:12 pmHow long is a piece of string quite long, depends on if its a loop
14.03.23 09:12 pmWhen is the bristow chronicals 2 coming out? absolutely no idea, im literally rendering one of the scenes right now lol
14.03.23 09:11 pmWhats your opinion on cheese its ok but not the best
11.03.23 07:48 pm Why is the site not secure? because im using infinity free lol. ill get a .com at some point but for now i can ensure you it is safe, even if google says it isnt.
11.03.23 07:47 pm what happened on feb 19th? i took in oxygen and woke up
01.01.22 06:13 am are you gonna make more content some day